Dede Wilsey Asks the new wealthy, ‘Why Don’t You provide returned?’

Sitting within the stylish sunroom of her pacific Heights mansion with a view of the aureate aboideau bridge, the San Francisco socialite and philanthropist Dede Wilsey could look an not likely grownup to criticize the area of excellent abundance.

“No acculturation has survived the place there is simply wealthy and bad,” ไพ่ ออนไลน์Ms. Wilsey said.

She is being outspoken as a result of she is worried about her metropolis, the place a booming financial system, largely fueled with the aid of the tech industry, has flooded the place with lots of in a single day millionaires. Ms. Wilsey said too many are not administration their abundance with the neighborhood that helped bear their billion-dollar initiate-ups.


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